Data shows why Ziyech would suit Milan better than Dybala and Asensio

By Euan Burns -

A collection of statistics shows why Hakim Ziyech would suit AC Milan better than Paulo Dybala and Marco Asensio next season, a report claims.

As has been reported by @Scout19Calcio on Twitter, a comparison between the three Milan targets puts the Moroccan winger in pole position to be signed by Milan.

Ziyech was definitely not able to produce his best form at Chelsea last season as he struggled for a defined role under Thomas Tuchel.

Using data from Wyscout and Fbref, it was clear from heat maps that Ziyech has the highest work rate of all three and in the 18/19 season at Ajax he was known as the ‘pressing monster’.

His best recent season had an xG of 17.12 and he scored 24 goals in all competitions. Dybala’s best xG was 11.65 but he did manage 26 goals.

There are merits to all three players but the conclusion from the data is that Ziyech is the most complete player for Milan right now, followed by Dybala and then Asensio.

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    1. Exactly. If we want an upgraded Saelemaekers then go with Ziyech. But IMO we need a RW who can produce goals and assists consistently. That would be Berardi. And if we’re talking about AM then that would be Dybala (though I would happily take CDK)

    2. agree and i’d get berradi (right wing) and de ketelaere (cam) to sort out that issue. Obviously that will be impossible for 50 mil transfer kit but i doubt those speclations in regard of available funds has much to do with reality. I would be far more interested in seeing berradi join us compared to Ziyech or asensui as i believe the italian would offer more guaranteesin end product but i wouldnt oppose the idea either if it was on a paid loan with a fairly low buyout clause next summer if it can help facilitate a de ketelaere deal if we actually do have a fairly small ammout available for the summer.

      1. Sassoulo asking price 30-35m euro for berardi. I would choose ziyech because available on loan so we can have full budget cash for CDK. Ziyech workrate are good in data fit high press tactic pioli. The only downside maybe his injury but we have 2 RW junior & lord saladmaker to cover his depth. Ziyech have good crossing too for our big man striker inside penalty box. The choice only ziyech( loan) – CDK ( cash transfer)or dybala ( free) – Berardi/asensio ( cash transfer). We cannot buy both RW and AMF cash in same transfer window

        1. There hasnt been ANY OFFICIAL anouncements from the club in regard of our funds made available for this transfer window so i still believe we will have a better ammount available than the 50 mentioned by some media reports. If we have in the vicinity of 100 mil i would have no issues investing 30mil on berradi and an equal ammount on the belgian as well. Lets wait and see whats really up and down but neither asensio or Ziyech is of great interest for me but as i said if our funds really were to be limited to such an extend then i could live with such aquisitions but in the end i do have faith in whatever maldini decides.

  1. While I appreciate the data component to the whole issue of which player would be more suitable to Milans’ style of play, there’s no denying which signing would make more of a statement, especially as defending champions.

  2. Ziyech never impressed me. Difficult to understand this pursuit given his age and bit part contribution at Chelsea as well. Use the money on a younger player that can give us 6 to 8 seasons. CDK or Lang.

    1. Ziyech is only 29 and was awesome at Ajax. He didnt play a lot for Chelsea but when he did he always produced.
      If Ziyech comes in on loan , Milan will still be able to buy CDK.
      Lang plays on the opposite wing where we already have Leao and Rebic

  3. Pretty sure Assensio can play center and right wing and he is younger than Ziyech besides that Ziyech defensive workrate is really poor and we already have Leao who don’t walk with his man. I don’t understand why aren’t they going for berardi and de ketelare at least de keterlare is young and should be a good signing for years to come

    1. They can’t get berrardi and get cdk at d same time with the token they have in their wallet. A loan formula with Chelsea can get us what we want right now but not what we need. Ziyech and CDK is playing for us next season, I am pretty sure of that.

      1. But nobody really wants Berardi, he has been scoring double digits for years. I would also go for Asensio as he seems the only one to be really fit and can play the whole season. Dybala is ok for AMC.

  4. Why are most people on here finding it difficult to understand that M&M have few cash in their pocket to spend. They can only use loan formula to get what we need at the moment which is why they are pursuing Ziyech with loan formula. Sassuolo won’t accept that kind of deal from us to snatch away Berrardi nor Madrid as well. I hope and believe CDK is coming in after they round up with Ziyech deal with Chelsea.

    1. You do realize that there hasnt been any confirmation in regard of available transfer funds and the only reason people are saying we have 50 mil is because of media speculation. When that is said though im not saying that we should expect some insane ammount made available for us either.

      1. Milan spent 80M without almost any sales last season. If the budget isn’t at least 90M (because Hauge was already sold) + any other sales money that is a huge fail. Say what you want, but winning the title and doubling your sponsorship deal, while reducing the wage bill can’t get you less money for transfers in any way. So over 100M with Castillejo and Duarte sales.

        1. do you even read my replies to you because i have stated several times that i expect a transfer kit in the vicinity of 100 mil and has done so for a long time.

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