Pellegatti drops Kessie bombshell: “The player would like to return to Milan”

By Oliver Fisher -

There have been some murmurings in the media that a possible return to AC Milan could be explored because Franck Kessie has not settled in well at Barcelona.

The Ivorian midfielder left Milan on a free transfer in the summer but has so far not exactly found himself an instant key player in Xavi Hernandez’s plans, getting very little playing time which has led to suggestions in the Spanish press that he could be offloaded as early as January.

Carlo Pellegatti, a well-known Rossoneri journalist, spoke during a YouTube video and made the shock revelation that Kessie actually wants to come back to Milan, a club where he held the appreciation of the fans and was known as the President.

“Sources close to Franck Kessié’s entourage told me that the player would like to return to Milan. It’s an indiscretion, nothing is certain but this is what comes directly from Barcelona,” he said (via MilanLive).

“When he went to Spain they told me that the Ivorian had chosen Barcelona but that Barcelona were the least suitable team for him in terms of play, the Blaugrana mentality does not appreciate players like him. There they love players with different characteristics.”

Pellegatti continued his video by underlining how much Kessie has is struggling at Barca, a club where he is considered one of many players, while at Milan he was a real concrete pillar of Stefano Pioli’s plans.

“If here he was used to being the President, there he is perhaps considered an undersecretary, always an important position because he plays for Barcelona but there is no doubt that it is a lower position than the President. He is not a fundamental player and he suffers: that’s why I got this rumour.”

Finally, Carlo Pellegatti analysed the actual possibility that Kessie will return to Milan, which seems to be zero at the moment.

“To date, the hypothesis seems to me very, very, very remote. And I use a euphemism not to use the word impossible even if in football, especially in the market, there is nothing impossible. I believe that Milan consider the Kessié chapter closed at the moment.

“It’s probably a mutual thing, but I don’t think Milan aspire to go back to talking to Atangana, Franck Kessié’s agent. We know how much relations have broken down in the last period for the Ivorian in Milan.”

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  1. Someone needs to remind these players that the agent works for them, not the other way around.
    We all knew that Kessie was not a good fit for the Barcelona style of football.
    If he was already leaving for more money he should have went to the EPL.
    I wish he was still a Milan player but he isn’t worth 6.5 mil a season. Great defensive midfielder but the lack of skill on the ball offensively cannot justifies paying him 6.5 mil.
    I Wish him all the best but no. Milan needs to look forward not backwards.

  2. It’s sad, I’m a Kessie fan in spite of how it all unfolded. This out come was predictable and shows why a good business is more than just the salary. Honestly Milan could use him but unfortunately he made his bed. Hopefully he finds success somewhere other than Italy.

  3. Kessie will go to Aston Villa or Fulham. Only Premier League Will pay for player who was good player in Milan but now he does not play.

    1. So does Lukaku with Chelse yet he is back at Inter on loan. Contract doesn’t mean anything if the player wants to go and someone wants to take him.

      1. Lukaku is at Inter on loan, and Inter is paying Lukaku full salary of €12 million .
        If Milan wanted to pay Kessie €6.5 million, they would have offered him that.
        Love what Kessie did for Milan, played almost every game, his effort was always at 100%, was a big part of the scudetto win, wish him the best but at that salary he cannot come back to Milan.
        Plus, it almost never works out when a player goes back to his previous club.
        And I hope he doesn’t come back to Italy to play for Juventus or Inter

      2. Lukaku’s transfer made 113 million euro for Inter. They can use that money to cover his wage and loan, and even so, they are in a huge profit.
        Kessie left for free.

        1. Yes. To be fair, Inter’s business with Chelsea regarding Lukaku was a masterpiece. Get over 100M€ for him and still have him play for them for a mere 20-30M/€ year (inc. salary + taxes). If they can him playing for them for 1-2 years, it’s still cheap and profitable. When he plays. I hope he stays on the injury list until May though.

  4. No. Vranckx just show his potential and i rather see him, Bennacer, Tonali, and Pobega plays rather than watch a player who decided to leave as a free transfer and choose money over a club who’s been patience enough to nurture him for 5 years.

  5. As much as I felt that we are missing his presence in the mid, he already made his bed and now he has to sleep on it.

    Thanks but yeah, the ship has already sailed.

  6. That Atangana guy can eat his full of dollars words. Only can happen if it’s a free transfer / free couple of years on loan. The first one seems very unlikely. So yeah, let’s see how it rolls out.

    1. His agent must be thrilled actually! Now he can start negotiating for another signing bonus for him and his client (eh, or is it “employee” as he’s calling the shots?) for January transfer. I bet he wishes for another failure so Kessie could switch teams in the summer too. 😀

      Money, money, money… 🙂

  7. If Bennacer doesn’t extend the contract, may be Kessie return is one solution to give Bennacer pressure to extend. Of course Kessie need to lower his salary to only 3,5M, and free transfer from Barca.

  8. Sure come back for free and a very small salary. Otherwise go enjoy the bed you’ve made elsewhere… president of nothing.

  9. What ever it takes to get second star before merda. I dont mind letting him coming back if possible unlike other cry baby here. Although history said that returning player usually performing below par.

    We have same keeper, same defense but we conceaded too much. Something is wrong with our defensive player or tactics, or simply other team is also getting more competitve.

  10. under the right conditions i’d take him in a heartbeat. Knows the coach, knows the system, hard worker and he’d appreciate Milan much more now, it’s mutually beneficial

  11. I’d take him back in a second if it were financially viable – but it isn’t. Barca will want a big transfer fee, and he will want a big wage. Non-starter.

    (Although maybe a loan for the second half of the season?)

  12. Kessie is best fit for our hard to fit in system though. Its hard to pass on him

    Pioli play very structured game, which makes buying new players hard, Kessie would solve our lose back problem and makes it easier for bennacer/tonali to attack.

    If feels like shit, but we should buy him

    1. And who sits? Bennacer who we are about to drop 4.5m on, or Tonali who did everything to stay at Milan (unlike Kessie) and is still only 22?

  13. I never like kessie in our milan system technically, but I like one thing about him he is healthy all season so that make him quantitative in our roster. But he offered little quality. If it’s free and half salary get him other wise we develop our own vrrankx

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